Finding the right school in a big city can be hard. We provide the information to make the process a little easier.


What is the Seattle School Guide?

The Seattle School Guide is a resource run by me, Phil Greely, to provide information on schools that us parents really want to know.

If you’re a parent or aspiring parent living within a big city, the choices you have for your children’s education are daunting.  Public or private?  Navigate a huge city district or move to the suburbs?  And that’s just the beginning.

I’m a father of two and want nothing but the best for my kids.  I know you do too.

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In my work as a real estate professional, I’m often asked, “Is this house assigned to a good school?”  In the past, I never had a great answer.  What makes a great school fit for one child could be wrong for another.

In most cases, my clients visit major school ratings sites to make their decision.  I feel school ratings based on standardized test scores are flawed and don’t tell the whole story about a school community.

We at the Seattle School Guide want to tell more of that story for every school.  We asked parents what mattered and called every school to find the answers.

No ratings.  Just facts.

Whether you’re new to the Seattle area or a long time resident making a school decision, we hope to be your guide along the way.



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